Original painting by Jennifer Jacks...circa 2006. Features buildings that are unique to Auburn...$575
"Auburn Skyline" art is available for custom ordering...the painting shown above has been sold. If you are interested in ordering a custom 'Auburn Skyline' painting  email me at  We will discuss the sizes available, cost, and specific details of your individual painting.  Most customers like to choose buildings or landmarks in Auburn that take them down memory lane. Perhaps your memories of your time in Auburn take you back to a specific restaurant or bar, or maybe a local park, or even a University building you spent a lot of time in. It's your choice.

If you love Auburn University or the city of Auburn, Alabama, this custom designed painting is perfect for you. I've been painting original Auburn art for over 7 years and stay busy painting these for Auburn locals and Auburn University students and graduates.

Your custom designed mixed media painting comes on stretched canvas...the size of this large painting is 30x35 inches...includes frame wire for hanging. Custom orders typically have a 4-6 week case of an increase in orders or holiday season, delay may be longer. 

For those of you that have requested prints of the Auburn ‘Skyline’ art, we now have prints available to purchase.
The one below is an 11x14 and sells for $138 on the Hootenanny Etsy site.  It is printed on a canvas that is wrapped and painted black on the sides, so there is no need for a frame.  I also have 16x20 prints available on watercolor paper.  These are very delicate and we recommend that these be framed…hootenanny can help you out with your framing needs.  We offer most any size Auburn ‘Skyline’ print at your request.  Email us at to discuss other sizes and pricing

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