You can order custom distressed picture frames two different ways.  If you are the type of person who can't handle decisions, order some of my distressed frames directly from my Etsy store.  My Etsy store links are located on the right column of my blog or go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/Hootenanny2011?ref=ss_profile.
If you like the thrill of creating, design your own frame by following the instructions on this page.  Create a frame that will fit your style and your photography or art needs. 

We offer many sizes for our frames but if you need a size that is not listed let us know…we can make most any size.  Click on any image below to increase its size.
Step 1:  Choose your frame style

PLAIN JANE (6 inch edge,
standard {no fluff} trim)

SMITTEN (8 inch edge, curvy trim)
photo in frame courtesy of Tracy Young Photography

MOON PIE (6 inch edge, rope trim)

GEEZ LOUISE  (6 inch wainscote edge, rope trim) photo in frame courtesy of Tracy Young Photography

CRACKER JACK  (6 inch edge, double layer trim)

                                                                        GRANNY (8 inch edge, stacked trim)
                                                                                photo courtesy of Lesley Foote Photography


LUNA  (23 inch round frame, wavy trim)

                                                                             OLD SOUTH (8 inch width, wainscot and rope trim)
                                                                                 ROCK PAPER SCISSORS ( 8 inch width, with spindles)

SMALL HYPE FRAME  (4x6 photo, table top stand, acrylic slide-in frame...includes ribbon) (specify what color ribbon you would like)

MEDIUM HYPE FRAME (5x5 photo, acrylic slide-in frame...hangs on wall unless tabletop frame requested)

LARGE HYPE FRAME  (4x6 or 5x7 photo, acrylic slide-in frame...hangs on wall)

All styles are either 6 inch or 8 inch widths…if you want to special order any frame with a 10 inch width add $5 per frame (all photos reference the width of the outer edge of frame).  A fee will also be added for any special requests such as rush shipments or wording not included.
Step 2: Choose your frame size (prices listed include color/design of your choice, backing, wire for hanging, and non-glare glass. (acrylic by request)
4x4      $55  (an extra $10 fee will be charged for designs on 4x4 frames)
4x6      $60 (an extra $10 fee will be charged for designs on 4x6 frames)
5x5      $68 (an extra $8 fee will be charged for designs on 5x5 frames)
5x7      $74
6x6      $80
5x10    $86
8x8      $96
8x10    $102
8x12    $108
10x10   $116
11x14   $124
12x12   $130
16x16   $150
16x20  $160
18x18   $180
20x20  $190
20x24  $205
Luna (Round frames...specify vertical or horizontal photo opening):
5x5      $98
5x7      $102
8x8      $106
8x10    $110
Hype Frame Pricing (all Hype frames come with an acrylic photo cover...specify vertical or horizontal photo opening):
Small Hype frame with 4x6 opening (sits on tabletop)                    $23
Medium Hype frame with 5x5 opening  (hangs on wall)                 $36
Large Hype frame with 4x6 or 5x7 opening (no wording)              $40
Large Hype frame with 4x6 or 5x7 opening (with wording)           $48
Step 3: Choose your frame color/design  (i.e. stripes, diamonds, polka dots, trellis, moroccan)

All paint samples and design choices for distressed frames are under a separate tab on home page or you can click here to see all available options.

Step 4: Complete the order form below to place a distressed frame order...remember to hit the "SUBMIT THIS ORDER" link at the bottom of the form to place order.

ORDER FORM LINK:  Fill out order form!

HAVING PROBLEMS? Contact email: jennifer@hootenannyauburn.com

Step 5: Payment

PLEASE READ!! Once we receive your request we will send you a secure Paypal invoice/payment link by email.  Orders will not be processed until this step is complete and payment is processed. You will receive confirmation for payment and shipping.
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